Tokyo sits in the center of Japan. Airplanes and trains offer convenient access to locations across the country.


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Getting to Tokyo by Plane

* Times required are estimates and will vary by season and flight.

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Getting to Tokyo by Train

Tokaido/Sanyo Shinkansen

Atami Station

Time required: 38 min.-


Tokyo Station

Shizuoka Station

Time required: 57 min.-


Tokyo Station

Nagoya Station

Time required: 1 hr 33 min.-


Tokyo Station

Kyoto Station

Time required: 2 hr 8 min.-


Tokyo Station

Shin-Osaka Station

Time required: 2 hr 22 min.-


Tokyo Station

Okayama Station

Time required: approx. 3 hr 9 min.-


Tokyo Station

Hiroshima Station

Time required: 3 hr 44 min.-


Tokyo Station

Hakata Station

Time required: 4 hr 46 min.-


Tokyo Station

Tohoku/Akita Shinkansen

Shin-Aomori Station

Time required: 2 hr 59 min.–


Tokyo Station

Akita Station

Time required: 3 hr 39 min.–


Tokyo Station

Sendai Station

Time required: 1 hr 31 min.–


Tokyo Station

Joetsu Shinkansen

Echigoyuzawa Station

Time required: 1 hr 11 min.–


Tokyo Station

Niigata Station

Time required: 1 hr 39 min.–


Tokyo Station

* Travel times are for normal conditions and may vary somewhat depending on traffic and weather. For details, visit the operator’s website or contact the operator. The information given is as of October 2017.

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The information given is as of  October 2017. Contents are subject to change without notice. For details, visit the operator’s website or contact the operator.